Twenty-four Employees Selected for New MMAC Employee Development Program "AsCEnD"
Vol.5 Issue 8
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The Aeronautical Center Employee Development Program, AsCEnD, launched on October 30, 2019 with 24-members as part of the very first cohort. The program is designed to familiarize the employees with the Aeronautical Center, a complete microcosm of the agency. The program also provides the tools and resources needed to enhance communication skills, encourage collaboration, approach projects and tasks with a cost-effective mindset, all while fostering the Aeronautical Center’s culture.

Michelle Coppedge, Director of the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center and Kevin O’Connor, Deputy Director of the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center provide a briefing to the first AsCEnD cohort.

The launch officially began with a welcome and introductory briefing from Aeronautical Center Director, Michelle Coppedge. The cohort was afforded the opportunity to introduce themselves to the Aeronautical Center Director, the Deputy Director, Kevin O’Connor, and Chief of Staff, Kim Sheppard. After the welcome and introductions, the cohort participated in a facilitated group activity designed to actively involve the group with the Aeronautical Center’s strategic objectives: Communication, Collaboration, Cost-effectiveness and Culture, better known as "The 4-C’s."

Later that afternoon, the group received a briefing on the FAA Academy’s regulatory standards technology and subsequently received a tour of and experience in the Mustang and the Baron flight training simulators. After the flight simulation experience, the cohort completed the day by providing immediate and anonymous feedback using the dynamic, interactive Mentimeter feedback tool.

Members of the first Aeronautical Center Employee Development Program "AsCEnD" designed to develop well-informed Ambassadors of the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center.

"The program promises to offer experiences and familiarization tours of the Center that can’t be achieved through any other means," explains Onekia Smallwood, AsCEnD program manager. "But, don’t take my word for it, let the feedback from the cohort speak for itself."

"The AsCEnD program offers a variety of opportunities for the participants. During new employee orientation, you receive an overview of the FAA and Aeronautical Center. The AsCEnD program covers the history of the FAA, MMAC, as well as each individual organization. Familiarizing myself with MMAC organizations and their key part within the FAA will ultimately build my knowledge base for my career as a staffing specialist, as well as help me to develop and nurture future leaders." – Jenny Sewell, AHF-C400.

"… I feel like I’ve learned so much about the organizations we’ve interacted with. Not only am I gaining a better understanding of the services offered but also a greater appreciation of being an employee of the MMAC." – Sarah Menz, ABP-550.

"AsCEnD is an excellent program. I enjoy learning how co-workers at the Aeronautical Center support training of the FAA employees nationwide." – Jesse Sorrell, AMA-910.

"The AsCenD program has exceeded my expectations. This has been a great opportunity to network, grow professionally, and learn more about various organizations." – Derrick Jestice, AHF-C420.

"The program has exceeded my expectations by far. With this being the pilot, I figured it would have a lot of bumps and bruises and to date, it has not - and has been extremely informative and helpful." – Kelley Petty, AMK-200.

"I have really enjoyed the program. I have met lots of new people, learned lots of new things about the Center, about others and about myself." – Debbie Brown, AMP-001.

"Having the opportunity to tour different areas of the MMAC that I would normally not have access to has broadened my understanding of the scope of work done here, and to see how the 4 C’s are implemented in these areas." – Traci Ryan, AMK-343. "I have been given tools to advance my career and have laid the groundwork for a path to leadership – something I never would have considered before the AsCEnD program. I hope every FAA employee has the opportunity to apply for the program in the future." – Lynna Forbus, AMK-324.

If you are interested in applying for AsCEnD, the next open application period is tentatively set for August, 2020. For more information, see the KSN site.

AsCEnD members tour the FAA Logistics Support Facility.
The AsCEnD Cohort receives an Individual Development Plan briefing from Greg Morgan, AHF-C400, AAC Regional HR Services Division.
Members of AsCEnD assess their communication styles and learn how to communicate more effectively during LDi Communication with Confidence and Clarity training.
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