The TARMAC: Training ARound MMAC
Vol.6 Issue 6
The TARMAC Training Around MMAC.

August and September are shaping up to be busy months for training at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC). We are racing toward the end of the fiscal year and several mandatory training courses are coming due soon. Some of these critical courses include the yearly Information Security and Privacy Awareness Training, and the 2019-2020 Annual Standards of Conduct Briefing. It is also time to complete the annual Equal Employment Opportunity training. To top it all off, FAA’s Leadership and Learning Institute (FLLI) Training for Fiscal Year ’21 is gearing up and ready to go full-steam. It is going to be a busy couple of months as we work together to meet our FAA training goals.

Below are some additional news items and opportunities in the MMAC Training Community:

Each year the Office of Civil Rights sets an EEO training Business Plan goal to have Managers and Employees complete one EEO training course. Currently, AFN is still in process of meeting this goal. If you have already taken your EEO training, thank for your time and attention. We hope that you gained helpful information that will foster a positive working environment for you and your colleagues. If you have not taken your annual EEO training, we encourage you to take some time this week and complete this requirement. You can find a list of all offerings available to you on the Office of Civil Rights (ACR) webpage.

A new Behavioral Based Interview course is now available in eLMS located under course number (FAA01200094). During this course, you’ll learn all about behavioral-based interviews and tips to help you, the "interviewee," to have a successful interview. At the end of the course, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned by participating in a mock interview.

The goals of the course are:

  • Describe the behavioral-based interview process.
  • Describe the type of information that the interviewer is seeking during an interview
  • Describe what is being measured during an interview
  • Describe appropriate methods to prepare for an interview


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Upcoming Mandatory LMS Training:

  • (FAA30050042) FY20 Information Security and Privacy Awareness Training (SAT): Due August 15, 2020.
  • Complete (1) EEO Training for FY20: Due September 30, 2020. AFN recommends completion of (FAA30202648) Micro-Learning: Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple.
  • (FAA30200131) 2019-2020 Annual Standards of Conduct Briefing: Due September 30, 2020.

Upcoming Management Mandatory LMS Training:

  • (FAA30203708) FY20 Accountability Board Requirements: Due September 30, 2020.

Rolling Mandatory Training:

  • (FAA30201371) ASH Security Awareness Virtual Initiative (ASH SAVI): Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.
  • (FAA30202422) How to Make a Reasonable Suspicion Determination for Managers: Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.

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FLLI has announced their Fiscal Year 2021 First Quarter (FY21 Q1) Training Delivery Schedule for centrally funded classes. Due to the global health crisis, all FLLI classes in FY21 Q1 will be delivered via a virtual, online format. Managers interested in taking FLLI classes in Q1 should contact their organization’s Training Coordinator (names can be found below) by August 21, 2020 for more information and enrollment.

Please feel free to contact your organization’s training coordinator with any questions or for further information on the MMAC Training Program.

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