Announcing "The TARMAC" – Training ARound MMAC
Vol.6 Issue 5
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In airport operations the tarmac is the paved area where planes come to be fueled, loaded with cargo and passengers, and are prepared for final take-off. The planes are carefully prepped, equipped, and made ready for their mission. The Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center’s (MMAC) Training Program provides a similar function. FAA MMAC employees come to the Training Program and join online with the FAA’s Learning Management System (LMS) to receive the training they need to perform their jobs. The Training Program assists members with maintaining their job qualifications, gaining new skills, and building professional proficiencies. The Training Program, like an airport tarmac, is a place where FAA members prepare for fulfilling their individual missions before they are "launched" to fulfill their duties.

The TARMAC: Training ARound MMAC is a new training newsletter that will be sent out periodically to broadcast upcoming training opportunities and information. Items such as Oklahoma Federal Executive Board (OKFEB) training, FAA Leadership and Learning Institute (FLLI) training and other local opportunities will be included. News and notices on LMS Mandatory Training will also be a part of the shared information. The goal of The TARMAC is to consolidate training information for employees of the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center into one accessible, streamlined source.

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From time to time, training opportunities come down the pipe that are too hot to wait for the next edition of The TARMAC. This is information that needs to be sent out fast! The "TARMAC: Quick Fuel" will broadcast these immediate training opportunities.


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Upcoming Mandatory LMS Training:

  • (FAA30050042) FY20 Information Security and Privacy Awareness Training (SAT): Due August 15, 2020.
  • Complete (1) EEO Training for FY20: Due September 30, 2020.

Upcoming Management Mandatory LMS Training:

  • (FAA30203708) FY20 Accountability Board Requirements: Due September 30, 2020.

Rolling Mandatory Training:

  • (FAA30201371) ASH Security Awareness Virtual Initiative (ASH SAVI): Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.
  • (FAA30202422) How to Make a Reasonable Suspicion Determination for Managers: Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.


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Acquiring first-hand knowledge and developing new skills is the key to advancing your career. By making learning a priority, you unlock your true potential and make way for unique opportunities. FLLI has put together the attached list of online resources to help you and the people that you support accelerate your professional development, and help you get ready for whatever is next. You will learn ways to cultivate helpful relationships, leverage your strengths, and give and receive feedback productively. These online resources are available to all FAA employees. Happy learning!

  • Getting Your Career on the Right Track — This course explains how to develop your career management skills. Course ID: apd 03 a02 bs enus
  • Recognizing the Value of Feedback — This video explains how to recognize the value of constructive feedback. Course ID: acm 15 a02 bs enus
  • Ways to Build a Great Relationship with Your Boss — This video discusses ways to build a strong and successful relationship with your boss. Course ID: apd 04 a03 bs enus
  • The Best Managers Catalyze Strengths — This video outlines better ways to develop employees. Course ID: 46313

Please feel free to contact your training coordinator with any questions or for further information.

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