Working among Winners
Vol.6 Issue 5

Each year, the Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Office of Finance and Management (AFN) host recognition programs to celebrate the accomplishments of many well-deserving employees. Not unlike years past, several employees delivered exceptional value and services to the government, reinforcing the value of our critical missions. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many awards programs had to be canceled, postponed or converted to a virtual event.

Here, we want to highlight not only the winners but the nominees as well for their outstanding work. Being nominated by one’s peer demonstrates exemplary performance and substantiates the kind of impact one person or team can make in one’s work environment.

Please help us in congratulating these employees personally, should you see them or have a virtual meeting with them. Even a quick email to them, to let them know you acknowledge their achievement, goes a long way. Like the graduates of 2020, these employees did not receive the typical recognition ceremonies that usually accompany such awards. We honor their noteworthy accomplishments in delivering exceptional service to American taxpayers.

The Department of Transportation Awards:

(L-R) Acting Assistant Administrator for Finance and Management, Mark House with Phyllis Scheinberg Award winners: Michael Vu, Deandre Moore, Ramesh Reddy, Kevin Alsop, Lei Deng, Jeannie Fan and Lina Osorio

The DOT Secretary’s Phyllis Scheinberg Award went to 28 FAA employees from the Enterprise Services Center (ESC) and AFN’s Financial Statements and Reporting Division, who formed the DOT Financial Reporting Team. The team accounts for the $87 billion that DOT spends each year. This important work requires coordination across all DOT modes.

The ESC worked to streamline business processes and automated the financial reporting process, which has significantly improved the reliability of DOT’s financial reports. It has also reduced the number of hours that employees have to spend poring over spreadsheets and manually processing transactions. Lastly, this work standardized financial statement reporting across DOT.

AFN’s Financial Statements and Reporting Division takes tons of complex and diverse data and explains it to the auditors. The effort by all is to ensure that the financial statements are accurate and complete.

Together, the work of the DOT Financial Reporting Team has ensured that the FAA and DOT have achieved clean audits for the last 13 years in a row. While 13 may not be a lucky number to some, it’s a beautiful number for AFN. A clean audit demonstrates that the FAA is using tax dollars appropriately and is a good steward of public resources. It’s the best result the agency and the Department can achieve.

Members of the DOT Financial Reporting Team Include:

Kevin Alsop

Yonas Assefa

Nicole Boydston

Daniel Bush

Christine Chang

Magnolia Cook

Lei Deng

Jeannie Fan

Diana Fisher

Michael Glick

Janet Gulley

Andrea Hill

Monica Ingerson

Eric Irizarry

Julieanna Johnson

SatNam Khalsa

Diana Landolt

Jevon Mallett

DeAndre Moore

Lina Osorio

Jennifer Pierce-Johnson

Ramesh Reddy

June Ritchie

Christopher Sage

David Stone

Kuang-Nein Sun

Michael Vu

Donna Wallace

Amal Youssef


DOT Secretary’s Partnering for Excellence Award – Department Procurement Platform Team

(L-R) Acting Assistant Administrator for Finance and Management, Mark House and Katie Jones from the DOT Office of the Senior Procurement Executive with Partnering for Excellence Award winners Tia Cantrell and Randolph Mauer

The ESC not only helps the FAA balance its books, but it also supports all of DOT. The Partnering for Excellence Award highlights the value of this shared service that ESC provides. The Department Procurement Platform Team – known as DP2 – was a partnership between ESC and the modes in DOT. The team helped DOT consolidate its many legacy procurement systems into one common system. The Enterprise Services Center helped worked on this modernization project in three waves, over the course of six years. The result is more reliable, real-time data that DOT can use to make better procurement decisions.

The consolidation effort also reduced other costs like system space, maintenance, security, accreditation and licensing. For example, ESC cut the number of PIV licenses needed to gain access to those multiple systems, which saved $450,000 in license fees and another $100,000 in maintenance fees. This transformation helped DOT standardize processes and meet federal requirements for data accountability and transparency.

Members of the Procurement Platform Team include:

Tia Cantrell

David Greer

Sarah Musler

Janet Shepherd

Richard Woods

Rigo Driscoll

Randolph Mauer

Heather Scott

Tammy Wiley-Karth


Special recognition goes to all the employees nominated for a DOT Award:

  • Patricia Brace, Emergency Readiness Officer (AMP-300) - Excellence Award
  • Rodney Sloan, Deputy Division Manager, ESC Information Services (AMK-200) - Meritorious Achievement Award
  • Russell Goering, General Engineer, Energy Manager (AMP-100) - Excellence Award

Samuel J. Heyman Award

Samuel J. Heyman Award

Special recognition goes to the employee nominated for a "Sammie" award.

  • Anthony Potter, Division Manager, Product Services Division (AML-4000) Nomination in the category of National Security & International Affairs

8<sup>th</sup> Annual AFN Awards Sotlight on Excellence

AFN Awards

Integrity & Leadership, Non-Manager Category – Darren Masters, AMC-3

Darren Masters

Darren implemented the new USA Performance (USAP) management system for executive employees at the Aeronautical Center and improved performance management tracking for all employees at the Center. Through his dedication to innovation, the Center also submitted 96% of the FY19 interim ratings for bargaining unit employees on time. He also improved the process for Valuing Performance ratings. Managers can now access performance data quickly and easily, enabling an environment of continuous feedback and coaching for employees.

Integrity & Leadership, Manager Category – Rodney Sloan, AMK-200

Rodney Sloan

Rodney’s leadership as the FAA Enterprise Services Center Deputy Information Services Manager was on full display when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recognized the team for helping them achieve $12.4 million in cost avoidance in 2019. His team also implemented a new performance-based contract that resulted in approximately $1.5 million in cost savings in 2019 and is projecting $3 million annually for the next 4 years.

Quality with Speed Category – Misty Grantham, AFM-100

Misty Grantham

Misty’s work on the FAA’s E2 Travel System and travel policy substantially increased the accuracy of E2 Travel Solutions. In particular, she alleviated the outstanding issue of double payments of certain airfares and rail fares affecting hundreds of FAA employees.

Special recognition goes to all the employees nominated for an AFN Award:

Quality with Speed Category – Terry Julian, AMC-3
Quality with Speed Category – Quality Systems & Business Resources Staff (AMC-3) – Bryan Dahlvang, Regina Schroeder, Wimberly Fresia, Terry Julian, Darren Masters, Sheree VanNoy, Bruce Davis, Craig Smith, Eddie Drake, and Laura Shepherd-Madsen.

Efficiency Team Category – The Centralized Controls Management System (CCMS) comprised of Kyle Daniel, and Charles Collins

The CCMS Team reprogrammed the heating and cooling system for Aeronautical Center’s headquarters building to significantly reduce the need for natural gas consumption; all the while, maintaining the same comfort level for employees. This reduced overall natural gas consumption by 16%, which allowed the building to qualify for an Energy Star rating

Efficiency Team Category – The Enterprise Data Quality Team comprised of Richard Woods, John Stover, Tiffany Phan, Bradley Yeakley, Charles Smith, Kyle Gerber, and Melody Hall.

Pictured clockwise from top left, Brad Yeakley, Melody Hall, Charles Smith, Tiffany Phan

Members formed a team to integrate EDQ software with existing DELPHI (financial management system) records to improve and automate several organizational processes. Their efforts yielded a cost savings of $535,585 within the division with the potential to increase an annual cost savings of $1,036.049.

Special recognition goes to all the employees nominated for an AFN Award:

Efficiency Team Category – FAA Enterprise Services Center Information System Security (ISS) Team – Michael Aldridge, Charlotte Driscoll, Christopher Harle, Douglas Holland, Jerome Kemp, Peter Kuebeck, Simon Moore, Alfred Bartraw III, Misha Carlisle, John Eggler, Martha Fischer, Victor Ford, Randel Hood, Richard Morehouse, Christopher Morrison, Kelli Riddle, Martin Rios, Tyler Robinson, Angela Sterling, Ronald Stowell, Louis Vo, Jennifer Aranzubia, Douglas Barker, Boe Dockery, Pamela Ford, Kayle Gill, John Houghton, Michael Johnson, Nicole Lee, Rachel Madden, Jason Meinhardt, Ricky Thomas, Tyler Trail, Mark Ballard, Craig Carrigan, Amber Crawford, Erik Crawford, Jeffry Gilson, Tricia Lee, Bernini Marota, Kimberly Mayhall, Landry Naigle, Gregory Taylor, David Washington, Cory Bond, Sean Eubanks, David Gordon III, Franciosa Jackson II, Ashley Matchen, Jeffery Porter, Christopher Simmons, Stanley Smith, William Spain III, Joseph Wallis, Gerald Whitby

Efficiency Individual Category – Nicolas Risi, AAQ-722

Nicolas Risi

Nicholas’ exceptional customer service, in support of the Enterprise Services Center (ESC), delivered an innovative strategy that transformed a $188 million Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) contract from a labor-hour contract into a performance-based one. Thanks to his efforts, the agency will realize a projected saving of $25 million. Nick was also recognized with the Dorothy Tharnish Customer Service Award in the Individual category.

Customer Focus Individual Category – Stacey Stanley, AAQ-732

Stacey Stanley

Stacey provided acquisition support for the Air Traffic Organization’s Flight Program Operations (AJF) core mission of aviation safety training; which served over 800 FAA aviation safety inspectors and 75 aircraft certification flight test personnel. Thanks to her diligence, this critical program continued, even through the government shutdown.

Operational Excellence, Individual Category – Russell Goering, AMP-100

Russell Goering

As energy manager for the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) campus, Russell was instrumental in achieving more than $400,000 in overall utility cost avoidance, and more than two million-kilowatt hours of electricity savings from the previous year.

Operational Excellence, (Team Category) - CASTLE Team – Brenda Aube, Sarah Harris, Karen Allen, Tammy Smith, Mohamed Ouardi, Stephanie Lim, Paul Tran, Leonard Haggins, Mona Reif, Larry Doan, Darryl Snow, Peter Voong, James Ipock, Richard Toye, and Corneilus Berkeley.

Castle Team – Cornelius Berkeley, Peter Voong, Richard Toye, Tammy Smith, Darryl Snow, Stephanie Lim, Larry Doan, Brenda Aube, Mona Reif, Mohamed Ouardi, Leonard Haggins, Paul Tran, Sarah Harris, Karen Allen (not pictured: James Ipock)

The CASTLE team provided outstanding support to the Department of Transportation (DOT) throughout the 2019 government shutdown. They ensured the processing of Time and Attendance files to the Department of Interior (DOI). Once the shutdown ended, they worked to ensure payments were sent to furloughed employees as quickly as possible.

Special recognition goes to all the employees nominated for an AFN Award:

Operational Excellence, Team Category:
Enterprise Architecture Team (AMK-211A) - Robert Woods, Dan Connett, Helen Davis, Keri Hammer, Kim McCord, Vincent Pham

Teamwork & Collaboration, with other LOB’s/SO’s Category:
FAA Academy Customs & Border Protection Training Team – Dallas Schrems, Matthew Timm, Justin Snodgrass, Luis Soares, Matthew Johnson, and Robert Bergt.

Teamwork & Collaboration, Across AFN Functional Areas Category:
FAA Invoice Approval Workflow Team – Kiera King, Stephanie Baker, Rachael Pounders, Jennifer Jones, Helen Lopresti, Susan Goodwin, Cammie Sneed, Hunter Muzny, Kerrie Dickens, Virgina Shaw, Virginia Workman, Tamara Simpkins, Elizabth Lynch, Ryan Wisniewski, Robin Nowakowski, Lana Null, Thu Nguyen, Ricky Woods, Aimee Jenks, Nancy Young, Samantha Williams, Michael Yort, Suzanne Easter, Simone Winchester, Chrishaun Jones, Monte Pope, Angel Taylor, Larry Ayers, Debra Stunt, Donna Kirby, Justin Nguyen, Michelle Landolt, Russell Dobbs, Quyen Nguyen, ShaRandia Coleman, Yvonne Shaffer, Cindy Drummond, Carrie Rupe, Shelly Smith, Trisha White, Dana Carrillo, Christy Norman, Robert Clark, Roxanne Jackson, Jane Chou, Jonathan Haynes, Tomeka Edwards-Beamon, and Steven Foong.

Federal Aviation Administration Awards

Financial Discipline Award, Team Category – EDC ITSS Implementation Team – Linda Pahdoco, Mary Wells, Jeffrey Martin, Dewayne Harp, Michele Clair, and Phyllis Kersey.

EDC ITSS Implementation Team – Michele Clair, Jeffrey Martin, Dewayne Harp, Linda Pahdoco, and Phyllis Kersey (not pictured: Mary Watts)

The Enterprise Data Center Information Technology Support Services Implementation (EDC ITSS) Team has won the FAA Financial Discipline Award. A contract for IT services became a performance-based contract for the first time last year. This meant that the team had to work hard to restructure the software that had been used to manage the operations of the EDC in order to track the new performance requirements. The team had to create more IT support groups, new service targets, updated templates, and train the users of the new software. They did this work in a compressed timeframe, and the software was ready to use (the month that the new contract took effect) last April. Because of their efforts to implement the contract, the FAA will realize an annual cost savings of over $4.7 million.

Special recognition goes to all the employees nominated for an FAA Award

Making a Difference in the Workplace Award, Team Category:
Jon Berkman, Kou Chang, and Mark McDaniel

Making a Difference in the Workplace, Individual Category:
Duane Roe, AMP-100

FAA Strategic Achievement Award, Team Category:
Anthony DeCicco III, Andrew Anderson, Ryan Hodges, David Juarez, William Poteet, Monica Peterson, Daniel DelBalzo, Robin Jallow, Mark Creasap

Federal Aviation Aministration (FAA) seal