More About Sharpening the Saw
Vol.5 Issue 7
Sharpen the Saw

Training is important at any stage of one’s career. Thanks to FAA’s Learning Management System (LMS), formerly known an eLMS (electronic Learning Management System), not only does training benefit the employee, it also benefits the employer. Free training opportunities are available on LMS. Whether you like reading a book, watching a brief video, or taking an online course, hundreds of training prospects are available to you. Skillsoft courses exist within LMS, and many are available on your mobile device.

Think about accessing some of this free training at your convenience. If you are wanting to build your resume, prepare for advancement, gain tools to better perform your job, or earn certifications, LMS and Skillsoft have multitudes of training possibilities.

Take some time and search the LMS / Skillsoft Library to discover new content and curated libraries that support your personal and professional needs. Here are some popular recommendations from employees:

Good Reads

Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs by Larry Keeley, Ryan Pikkel, Brian Quinn, Helen Walters

Book: Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs
By: Larry Keeley, Ryan Pikkel, Brian Quinn,Helen Walters
Publisher: Skillsoft © 2017
276 pages titles

Ten Types of Innovation provides you with the practical steps and smarts you need to break down barriers to success. In this Review, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.

Developing Resilient Organizations: How to Create an Adaptive, High Performance and Engaged Organization by Doug Strycharczyk and Charles Elvin.

Book: Developing Resilient Organizations: How to Create an Adaptive, High-Performance and Engaged Organization
By: Doug Strycharczyk, Charles Elvin
Publisher: Kogan Page © 2014
264 pages

Addressing a wide variety of organizational issues including motivation, performance, staff retention, behavior, trust, attention span, and teamwork, this book explains how to develop organizational performance, well-being, and a positive approach to adversity and change in organizations.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni

Book: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable
By: Patrick Lencioni
Publisher: Jossey-Bass © 2002
229 pages

Using fiction, this book exemplifies the dysfunctional philosophies teams and team members grapple with, and how to avoid them.

Brief Videos

Marshall Goldsmith, presenter in video "Focus on the Mission"

"Focus on the Mission"
By: Marshall Goldsmith
Duration: 3 Minutes
Marshall Goldsmith describes the value of abstract thinking and recognizing the mission, not only the task.
Publisher: Marshall Goldsmith © 2004

Rob Jolles, presenter in video "Three Keys to Great Presentations"

Three Keys to Great Presentations
By: Rob Jolles
Duration: 3 Minutes

Don’t put in too much information; the more the audience talks, the more they will like you. Instead of telling-'em-what-we’re-gonna-tell-'em, explain why and how they should learn, expectations, etc. Approach the presentation as a sales call–a persuasion.

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