Vol.5 Issue 7
Voluntary Leave Transfer Program  donating leave time to others in need.

It’s the time of year where employees are encouraged to think about giving. It feels good to help others by donating funds to charities, but there is another way to help others in need. The Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP) allows employees to donate accumulated leave to fellow employees who have run out of time. Likewise, the program allows people who have run out of leave to receive time from others.

Imagine yourself looking at a complication in life that requires you to be away from work. Whether it’s a sick family member, or a tragic accident or illness that befalls you; do you have enough leave in your account balance? What happens when you run out of leave, and still can’t make it to work? Bills will come.

Fortunately, employees, can receive what others give. The Voluntary Leave Transfer Program has saved many people from certain financial ruin. If an employee experiences a medical emergency, or needs to care for a family member who is experiencing a medical emergency, they qualify for assistance in the form of replenished leave time from other employees who kindly donate.

Apply to be a leave recipient

  1. Submit a Leave Request through the OVLTP System.
  2. After the front-line manager has approved the leave request, complete the online leave recipient application and include acceptable medical documentation.
  3. Submit your Leave Recipient application within 5 calendar days after your leave is approved.

Important: If it is not practical under the particular circumstances despite the employee’s good faith efforts, the employee must provide the medical certification within a reasonable period of time, but no later than 30 calendar days after the date of the original request for medical documentation.

Note: When the employee is unable to complete the online application, the paper application may be submitted. See FAA Form 3600-24, Leave Recipient Application.

Donate leave to an FAA recipient

Complete the online application through the OVLTP System and select "Recipients List and Online Application." Submit your completed form to your front-line manager for approval.

If you have any questions about the VLTP, or are interested in either donating leave or registering to be in the VLTP, please contact our MMAC Labor and Employee Relations Division at (405) 954-4080.

Remember that donors may not donate more than one half of the amount of annual leave that he or she would accrue during the leave year in which the donation is made. Log in to the system to see who is registered across the nation. The list contains several individuals who need leave right now at the Aeronautical Center.

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