Aeronautical Center becomes Hub for Many Community Events
Vol.5 Issue 7
Members of the 2019 Leadership Oklahoma.

There has been a lot going on at the Center that has both national and local interest. You may have read that Congress is very interested in the effect of seat pitch and width in planes during an emergency evacuation. In the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, Congress tasked the FAA to conduct a study and to issue rules establishing minimum width, length and seat pitch of airline seats. The Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) is preparing to conduct a study and this topic has garnered a lot of media attention. On October 17th, twenty-five national and local news media visited CAMI to learn about the research that will soon be conducted. Stacey Zinke-McKee, Manager of the Human Protection & Survival Research Laboratory at CAMI commented, "the purpose of this study is to learn whether the seat pitch (how close the rows are together) and the seat width (the distance between the arm rests) makes any difference in the time it takes to evacuate an aircraft."

On October 22nd, the Center had 40 local leaders tour the Center. The group is part of Leadership Oklahoma which is a local organization connecting passionate servers, leaders, and forward-thinkers to help positively shape Oklahoma’s future. Their visit provided a great opportunity for Center personnel to educate leaders in the community on the work being conducted here at the Center and to explain the economic impact that the Center has on our community.

The morning of October 24th, the Center held an event to strengthen our partnership with community first responders and emergency response providers. Patricia Brace, an Emergency Readiness Officer (AMP-300) organized the outreach event which included personnel from the Office of Facility Management (AMP) and representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Oklahoma City Fire Department, the Oklahoma City Police Department, and the Oklahoma Federal Emergency Management Agency among other agencies. "Doing these exercises with our partners is invaluable," states Doug Cook, FBI Oklahoma Assistant Special Agent in Charge. The outreach event included a table top exercise involving an active shooter scenario. This outreach event allowed the participants to become familiar with the Center, enabling everyone involved to participate in a potential emergency situation, helping to be better prepared in keeping everyone safe.

This month, the Center also kicked off the 2019 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) which is being led by Debbie O’Hagan and Deanna Calvert. A kick-off event was held in the Headquarters Auditorium and each week of the campaign, the Center hosts an agency fair to highlight various CFC agencies which are providing critical support to various causes. We have started this year off in a big way by raising over $40K during the 3rd week in October. Our ’aggressive but possible’ goal of $215K for this campaign is well underway. In addition, Justin Cockroft, Co-Chair for the 2018 Campaign received a CFC Volunteer Award from the Office of Personnel Management. He was recognized during the Health Cause event held on October 17th which also included a guest speaker from the American Cancer Society.

In early November, Employee Engagement training is scheduled for all AMC non-supervisory employees. The objective is to host discussions around the Gallup Q12 survey and to share thoughts about the value of an engaged workforce. Explanations about the development of survey questions, how employees can use the survey results, and an employee’s role in action planning are additional topics of conversation.

The Center recently hosted a Veterans Day celebration on November 6th in the Headquarters Auditorium with Colonel Chuck DeBellevue, ret. U.S. Air Force as our keynote speaker. A reception was held following the event, highlighting various Veteran-related organizations, Oklahoma’s Mobile Veteran Center, and display of military portraits courtesy of Mark Lawson. Special thanks to all of our Vietnam Veterans as we pay special tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.


Michelle Coppedge

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