Package Delivery More Precise Thanks to ARCHIBUS
Vol.4 Issue 8
Members of the Archibus (AMP Automation Support) Team – (L-R) Shelly Fuller, Rachel Seals, Jeff Hart, Jeff Gonzales, and Bob Keefer.

The Office of Facility Management’s Operations and Maintenance Division (AMP-300) is responsible for mail and distribution across the Center. They handle over 1.3 million pieces of mail annually, which includes all United States Postal Service (USPS) mail and priority packages to include Fed Ex, UPS, DHL and others. Employees of RIVA Solutions pick-up and deliver mail to 185 different locations across the Aeronautical Center.

The ARCHIBUS Mobile Package Tracking solution was deployed in December of 2016. The ARCHIBUS solution meets all of the package tracking operations requirements and has delivered significant benefits compared to the previous system. One benefit is leveraging the ARCHIBUS employee and location information to more accurately reflect where a package is delivered to whom. In addition, the data is now collected in a way that can provide useful information on trends, personnel performance, and delivery statistics.

RIVA employees sorting packages.

Here are just a few operational statistics gathered directly from ARCHIBUS that help to illustrate the power of the ARCHIBUS tool:

Package/Mail Statistics (2017 Calendar Year):
86,433 Packages / Mail Received
9,052 Packages / Mail Picked Up (tracking tool was implemented June 2017)
Average of 1,293 packages / month

Additional Package Tracking Enhancements:
Added a “Picked Up” package status, to identify any packages where a pickup was requested.

ARCHIBUS is no longer a system just for space/building management, parking, and capital budgeting. With over a year’s worth of data in the system, the ARCHIBUS team monitors the system data, including usage and performance statistics, in order to ensure continuous improvement of usage and efficiency.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ARCHIBUS capability, current/future plans, please contact the AMP-100 ARCHIBUS team at (405) 954-9999

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