Being Prepared with the Emergency Notification System (ENS)
Vol.5 Issue 7

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) is committed to emergency preparedness, including communicating with MMAC employees prior to, during, and after an emergency incident. The FAA Emergency Notification System (ENS) is a commercial web-based application that enables the broadcasting of emergency alerts and notifications to MMAC employees and contractors via multiple communication pathways. It provides MMAC personnel with timely and consistent incident-specific information and facilitates effective personnel accountability.

The information in your MYFAA profile must be current to ensure proper notification during an emergency.

The immediate benefit gained from the ENS will be an emergency alert that quickly instructs staff to begin executing specific guidance required for the incident. The ENS is pre-programmed for specific events: a natural disaster, bomb threat, building closure, etc. The ENS uses multi-channel communication that allows essential information to be sent to thousands of contacts using more than one method of communication, such as email, phone, and text. Layered multi-channel messages helps to control the message and avoid misinformation. The ENS help MMAC organizations by receiving rapid and reliable feedback regarding status of their personnel so they can focus their attention on those who need assistance or have not provided a response/status update.

At MMAC, the Office of Facility Management (AMP) is the lead organization to manage and use ENS to send messages notifying personnel of incidents that require specific actions related to FAA/MMAC response and accountability requirements.

Before the upcoming winter storm season, now is the time to make sure you are set-up to receive MMAC ENS messages. First, you must update the information on your MyFAA Profile including your physical address at MMAC. When a disaster happens, the FAA’s ENS relies on accurate location and contact information to not only alert those in the impacted area, but also conduct accountability for them. This information comes directly from your MyFAA Profile data. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you download the free Mobile App. Remember, alert and warning information is only effective if it is received. Make sure you are properly prepared by receiving your ENS messages.

For additional information or questions, refer to the ENS website.

Use the AtHoc App to receive emergency notifications on your smart phone.
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