Getting Plugged In
Vol.5 Issue 6
Graphic of electric vehicle being charged

Are you interested in charging your electric vehicle (EV) at the Aeronautical Center Headquarters Building? If so, you must notify the Facility Services Division (AMP-100) and in particular - at 954-3503/9610) by September 5, 2019. There are no "carry-overs" from last year, so even if you participated in the FY 2019 program, you must notify AMP-100 if you want to be considered for selection in FY 2020 program.

Because the FAST Act law requires the Government be reimbursed for all costs associated with the purchase, installation, operation and maintenance, and electricity for EV charging for employees, all costs are tracked for FY 2019 and used to recalculate the annual reimbursement fee for FY 2020. The recalculated reimbursement fee for FY 2020 will be $77.

There is an EV Program FAQ document posted on the MMAC KSN site to answer most of the common questions. If you have further questions or would are interested in getting ‘plugged in’, please contact AMP-100.

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