Take Time to Enjoy MMAC’s Walking/Running Fitness Path
Vol.5 Issue 4
Runners running along sidewalk

The Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center encourages employees to stay happy and healthy. One way to improve one’s overall heath is to walk. Walking can increase your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, decrease body fat and boost one’s endurance. The good news is that walking doesn’t require any special equipment or training.

Here are some tips to help keep you safe when walking or running around the MMAC premises:

  • Avoid traffic as much as possible: use the tunnel areas or the Aero Fitness Health Center – as both areas are temperature controlled!

  • If you walk/run outside stay on the sidewalks as much as possible.

Please maintain awareness of the safety hazards when you are in the roadways or crossing the street.

View a map of a centralized ~1.3 mile route around the Center

The route stays on the sidewalks but does cross multiple roads (most of which have crosswalks.)

If you must walk or run in the road, then please adhere to these safe practices:

  • Do not wear head phones
  • Walk/run against traffic so that you can see what is coming
  • If you have a buddy with you, keep it single file (2-3 people abreast in the roadway is not a good idea)
  • Wear bright colors (reflective items during darkness))

More information on this topics

11 Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads

Take these precautions to protect yourself when you’re walking and running outside.

For information about the MMAC Traffic Safety Committee, contact Duane Roe, Traffic Safety Coordinator, (405) 954-0004.

The Benefits of Walking
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