2019 Earth Day at the Aeronautical Center
Vol.5 Issue 3
Representatives from AMP-100 provide saplings to employees during Earth Day at the Aeronautical Center.

Earth Day is the day set aside to remember the importance of being good stewards of our natural resources. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin helped get the first Earth Day recognized on April 22, 1970. The celebration this year marks the 26th year that the Aeronautical Center has taken time to remember the importance of taking care of our environment and conserving our energy resources.

This year’s Earth Day event was another exciting success in spite of the cool and overcast weather. Thirteen vendors and groups featuring a variety of earth-friendly goods and services provided handouts and information for visitors. One of the vendors attending was Silver Honey Bees providing information on honey production and the vital role that bees play in pollination, a perfect fit for the MMAC’s recognition as a Pollinator Flagship Facility by DOT. Another vendor was OG&E offering handouts and information on free residential energy audits and providing information about their support of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations. Other groups providing information for attendees included True Sky Credit Union, AFGE, Toastmasters, MAPS, and the Oklahoma Conservation Commission. Additionally, like icing on the cake, the event was much more enjoyable with food provided by Aramark and food trucks, “Let’s Do Greek,” “The Flying Pig BBQ,” and the “Mighty Corndog,” (a new addition, providing variations on an old favorite).

Eskridge Honda also had an electric vehicle on site in support of one of the main themes of this year’s MMAC Earth Day celebration. MMAC Facility Management (AMP-100) augmented the Earth Day celebration by notifying the six individuals who were selected for the opportunity to sign User Agreements for use of the new, on-site electric vehicle charging stations until the end of the fiscal year. In accordance with the recently completed MMAC EV charging station program, employees and contractors who contacted AMP were then eligible to have their names selected to be able to use one of the EV charging stations. Selectees must remit a fee to reimburse the Government for all costs associated with the EV charging station and sign a User Agreement.

In addition to the other vendors, Foster Tree Care once again provided support to MMAC with saplings of redbud and bur oak trees that were paid for with recycling dollars. AMP-100 distributed 1,400 trees to employees. By planting these trees, the employees will be supporting a clean environment while also replenishing trees lost during ice storms in recent years. Trees promote clean air and provide oxygen by absorbing pollutant gases and filtering particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark. Trees absorb carbon dioxide which helps combat greenhouse gas buildup by removing and storing the carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. In one year an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people, and absorb the amount of CO2 that a car produces after driving 26,000 miles. In addition, trees can help conserve energy. Three shade trees placed strategically around a single-family home can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50 percent. This reduces the energy demand for cooling our houses, which reduces carbon dioxide and other pollution emissions from power plants.

We can all have an impact on the environment by making environmentally friendly decisions on a day-to-day basis. Employees can continue the spirit of sustainable practices by turning off their computers and lights when leaving work, participating in the Aeronautical Center Recycling Program, and reporting potential water leaks or energy waste to the AMP trouble desk at ext. 4-3687. With your help we are making a difference, protecting our nation’s natural resources, and taking care of the earth.

Jim Lambert and Randy Blue (both from AMK-223C – front left) pause on their way to one of the Food Trucks while other employees wait in line for saplings.
Representatives from Mutual Aid Pledge System meet people during Earth Day.

Representatives from Toastmasters greet passersby during Earth Day.
Silver Honey Bees attended Earth Day to raise awareness of how the Honey Bee impacts our environment.
Employees sign up for free residential energy audits with OG&E.
Employees stand in line for delicious, fun food provided by Food Trucks.
Aaron Bellin enjoys a scrumptious Indian Taco from Aramark.
Oklahoma Conservation Commission provides information to employees.
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