How Weather Prepared Are You?
Vol.5 Issue 2

In Oklahoma, it is important to remain aware of weather conditions due to potential tornadoes and thunderstorms.

Planning for Weather while at work at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center:

During an Oklahoma storm, it’s important that you know what you need to do to protect yourself.

Occupant Emergency Plans (OEP) have been developed for each organization at the Aeronautical Center. The plans include information for everyone’s emergency preparedness at the Aeronautical Center.

Specific items in the OEP that are particularly relevant include:

  • Emergency evacuation procedures and emergency shelter assignments for personnel. (Maps should be located in every work center – Locate your maps, review them and know where to go).

  • There are procedures to be followed by employees who remain to perform (or shut down) critical facility operations before the facility is evacuated.

  • There are procedures to account for all personnel during a workplace emergency.

Questions concerning the severe weather shelter plan should be directed to your organization’s EOSH Representative.

In addition to monitoring severe weather that may directly affect the Aeronautical Center, the Operations Center follows severe weather conditions in and around the Oklahoma City metropolitan area (during normal business hours). Check the MMAC Center Status website for more information. To learn about the Center’s shelter locations visit: MMAC Severe Weather Maps

Planning for Weather when located off of the Center grounds:

Make a plan and be ready before severe weather may strike. Know the area that you are visiting or living in, and what types of events are common for that location. Know where shelters, hospitals, urgent care, police stations, fire stations, etc. are located. Visit the Oklahoma City Office of Emergency Management for more information.

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