Fire During the Furlough
Vol.5 Issue 1
Early morning fire occurred in the basement of the Multi-Purpose Building.

During the furlough, while most federal employees were required to be at home, the Aeronautical Center continued to remain operational. On any given morning at 6:00 AM, things are typically tranquil, but during the Shutdown, morning stillness was almost unsettling.

However, on the cold morning of Friday, January 18th, scores of flashing red and blue lights signaled something was amiss on the Center. A news helicopter hovered overhead, capturing live video of fire crews surrounding Building no. 24 located somewhat in the center of the facility grounds. Employees who were authorized to come to work that day, spent time in the common areas, wondering what happened.

Eventually, the chopper flew away, and trucks left the scene as daylight arrived. News circulated on the Center that a fire had begun in the basement as a result of some construction activity. The Will Rogers Fire Department and the Oklahoma City Fire Department responded immediately along with Facility Management (AMP) employees and their security and maintenance contractors. Fortunately, there were no injuries, and facility impacts were minimal.

The building was temporarily vacated for a few days while AMP monitored the conditions and worked to remove the smoke. Incidentally, the tunnel entrance into the MPB has been blocked due to the construction (and will continue to remain closed until September of 2019). The smell of smoke was evident in the tunnel for a few days, but now the facility environment is back under control.

Throughout the Shutdown, AMP continued to provide all necessary facilities operations services for the Aeronautical Center, despite a significantly reduced staff. This included managing multiple facilities, handling related equipment issues and medical emergencies. Fortunately, the Shutdown was lifted on January 25th, and employees returned to work the following Monday.

Hopefully MMAC mornings will remain tranquil and uneventful from now on, but it is comforting to know that our AMP staff and the local Fire Departments are here when emergencies happen.

Fire crews at work after the MPB fire is contained.
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