MMAC Expands Energy Conservation
Vol.5 Issue 1
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Energy Corporation

The Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) has again expanded energy conservation efforts to meet mandated energy reduction goals and to garner available incentives to reduce operational costs for the Center. In the fall of 2017, the MMAC was offered an opportunity to participate in a new program being provided by Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) utility company. OG&E’s Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI) program is primarily offered to large commercial and industrial customers. Under the program, OG&E offers an incentive for customers to partner with OG&E’s energy consultants to establish conservation programs and implement energy savings opportunities.

The program starts with establishing a company energy policy, setting energy goals, and implementing an energy team to champion energy conservation. The MMAC already had a head start on these initial program tenets because federal agencies including the MMAC already have established energy policy and mandated goals. The Office of Facility Management (AMP) Energy Council has been in place, championing conservation for several years. After the initial program elements are in place, OG&E’s energy consultants conduct a site visit to help identify a list of savings opportunities that can be implemented. Then the CEI program provides a 2-cent per kWh incentive to the participant for every kWh saved. This incentive is in addition to the savings realized through the regular electric bill!

Besides the monetary incentive, the OG&E CEI program also provides additional benefits. OG&E’s energy consultants provided a series of training workshops to enhance knowledge of energy conservation opportunities. It also provides an opportunity for energy professionals to network with the other participants in the program for the sharing of ideas and successes.

Example report of energy savings

The OG&E CEI program incentive is based on an energy modeling software called Cumulative Sum (CUSUM) that establishes a baseline and measures performance throughout the year-long program. The software eliminates previous changes and capital improvements that reduce energy. By accounting for these other changes, the software is able to isolate the savings that are associated with the CEI program. The MMAC realized a savings of over 2,000,000 kWh under the program and received an incentive of nearly $42K. Due to challenges with federal agencies receiving monetary payments, the incentive was instead converted into an equivalent value of renewable energy certificates that allowed the MMAC to meet and exceed our renewable energy goal of providing 18.6% of MMAC electrical usage being credited to renewable sources.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the MMAC Energy Program, please contact the MMAC energy manager at (405) 954-9610.

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