Aeronautical Center Kicks-off 58th Annual Combined Federal Campaign
Vol.5 Issue 7
The 2019 Combined Federal Campaign’s theme is "Show Some Love."

The 2019 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) with the theme of "Show Some Love" kicked off on Wednesday, October 2nd at 10am in the Aeronautical Center’s headquarters auditorium. Michelle Coppedge, Aeronautical Center Director provided the opening remarks talking about the history of CFC, and encouraging everyone to be ’ambassadors’ for this year’s campaign. She encouraged everyone to help spread the word, letting everyone know about some of the changes to CFC this year.

The mission of CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that employee focused, cost efficient, and effective in providing government employees with the opportunity to improve the quality of life for everyone. Michelle reiterated that "at some point in your life, whether you already have or you may in the future, it is likely that you will require assistance from one of the CFC agencies." This year in particular, federal employees experienced need during the 35-day government shutdown. Many Oklahoma agencies stepped up to help federal workers like the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City Zoo, the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, the YWCA, the Infant Crisis Center, and many more.

Remember there are several ways to give to the Combined Federal Campaign.

There are some 20,000 charities participating in CFC. Debbie O’Hagan is the Chair for this year’s CFC. Debbie expressed, "there are many ways to contribute…by payroll deduction, credit card or debit card, E-check, paper or online and, you can also contribute volunteer hours by donating your time to help one of the CFC designated charities." Since some of the rules regarding CFC have changed this year, please contact Debbie O'Hagan if you have any questions.

Here are some examples of how far just one pledge can reach:
$10.00 Buys 50 books for a preschool
$50.00 Will fund hours’ worth of medical research
$100.00 Buys first-aid kits, blankets, masks for a disaster response team

During the presentation, via video teleconference direct from her conference room, Geraldine "Dina" Gour, Acting Executive Director (AFN-3) and CFC Chair for AFN was able to welcome everyone to the event and acknowledge her support for this year’s campaign.

Sharon Scott, a Coordinator with the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank talks about their involvement as a CFC Charity.

Sharon Scott, a coordinator from the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank talked about how every one dollar donated, helps provide four meals to hungry Oklahomans. The majority of people served by the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank are chronically hungry children, seniors on fixed incomes, and hardworking families who cannot make ends meet. It’s hard to believe but Oklahoma is the 6th hungriest state in the nation. Another unfavorable statistic is that one in six Oklahomans lives with hunger. The Oklahoma Regional Food Bank offers several programs to combat hunger in our state: They help to stock community food pantries and aid in client-choice shopping; they work to deliver nutrient enriched foods for those with limited access to produce; they provide a backpack program so that children have access to nutritious food over weekends and school holidays; and they provide shelf-stable foods to seniors on fixed incomes. The Food Bank always welcomes volunteers to sort, pack, and stock food at some of their facilities. If you would like to donate your time, please contact them at or by calling (405)600-3161.

FAA Academy employee, Edna Pittman tells about her personal experience with CFC Charities.

Edna Pittman, an Audio-Visual Specialist in the FAA Academy’s Distance Learning Branch gave a testimonial about her personal involvement with CFC, when her 3-year old son was accidentally left in a hot van at an uninsured at-home daycare. Her life dramatically changed that day when doctors told her that her son would not likely live. Suffering severe brain trauma, her son, Demarion overcame numerous odds and survived. Although, his journey to recovery would be challenging, Edna and her family have never given up hope. Demarion has many special needs, but several CFC agencies have been and continue to be instrumental in his care; the Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Bethany, OK; also a therapeutic horseback riding facility – Coffee Creek Riding Center in Edmond, OK and NewView Oklahoma – a place that helps with vision loss.

Today, Demarion is 15 years-old and Edna remarks "If it takes my lifetime to help him achieve what God has destined for his life, it will be worth it." Through all the trials of caring for a special needs child, Edna managed to get "Demarion’s Law" §10-404.3 passed in Oklahoma. It protects all Oklahomans in stating that any child care facility in the state must maintain at least $200,000 in liability coverage. Edna’s story reverberates among all human beings, because at any time in our lives we may be put in a situation where we need help, and CFC can be a vital resource.

The event concluded by giving away several 6-month parking spots (courtesy of the Office of Facility Management). Several employees went happily dancing down the isles when their ticket number was called.

Michelle Coppedge, Center Director (far left) and Kevin O’Connor, Deputy Director of the Aeronautical Center (far right) celebrate with the proud winners of 6-month parking spots, thanks to the Office of Facility Management.

Outside in the pavilion area, many CFC Charities filled the area, along with some local food trucks. Employees had a chance to talk one-on-one with many charities to see what their needs are and how donations can be used.

Several CFC Charities are animal-related, whether through adoptions, therapeutic use, or fostering.
Employees took some time to explore some of the different charities available.

(Standing) Michelle Coppedge, Aeronautical Center Director visits one of the booths during the CFC Agency Fair.
A big hit during a sunny afternoon at the CFC Agency Fair was the opportunity to visit a food truck.

If you would like to donate to the Combined Federal Campaign or volunteer your time to a worthwhile cause, please visit:

Together, let’s ’Show Oklahoma Some Love’!

2019 CFC Kick Off Video

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