The Indian Country Business Summit (ICBS) hosts annual "Diversity in Government Contracting"
Vol.5 Issue 7
(L-R) Front Row: Gerald Lewis, AAP-610; Kenyon Elliott, ASP-220; Chad Nimmo, AMP-400; and Bill White, AAQ-721. Back Row: (L-R) Sandy Williams, AML-033; Scott Pascoe, AMK-011; and Monique (Mo) Walswick, AMK-011. Not pictured: Brent Lyon, AML-7080 and Michele Mustin, AAQ-732.

The FAA’s Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) was front and Center at this year’s 2019 Indian Country Business Summit (ICBS) held August 20-21, 2019 at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center in Norman, OK.

This annual minority, small business outreach event was hosted by the Oklahoma Tribal Government Institute (TGI), and the Oklahoma Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC). The Conference included a Trade Show with vendors and contractors from all over the country exhibiting their products and services to City, State and Federal government agencies. Workshop and breakout sessions were held on both days, providing small business entrepreneurs with "how to" information, focusing primarily on Federal government contracting.

The second day of the Conference, representatives from FAA’s MMAC Major Program Organizations participated in a "match-making activity," which provided small businesses with an opportunity to meet one-on-one with MMAC program and procurement officials. Special thanks to the individuals that participated in this year’s ICBS matchmaking event:

AAQ-700 (Aeronautical Center Acquisition Services & Franchise Acquisitions Division):
Bill White, Contracting Officer, AAQ-721
Michele Mustin, Contracting Officer, AAQ-732

AMK-011 (Enterprise Services Center):
Monique (Mo) Walswick, Management & Program Analyst, AMK-011
Scott Pascoe, Management & Program Analyst, AMK-011

AAP-610 (Small Business Development Program Branch):
Gerald Lewis, Small Business Advocate, AAP-610

ASP-220 (FAA Office of Information Technology):
Kenyon Elliott, IT Industry Liaison, AIT, ASP-220

AML (FAA Logistics Center):
Sandy Williams, Lead COE for Inventory Management, Center of Excellence (COE) and Facilities Management Branch, AML-33
Brent Lyon, Mechanical Engineer, AML-7080

AMP (Office of Facility Management):
Chad Nimmo, PE, Engineering Team Lead, AMP-400

It is because of these FAA program participants, and their organizations collaborating and working together that this small business outreach event was a success.

2019 Indian Country Business Summit
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