Crissinger Recognized for Above and Beyond Customer Service
Vol.5 Issue 7
Joshua Crissinger, a Financial Specialist in the Enterprise Services Center.

Employees that travel for the federal government know the value of having one’s travel documents correctly prepared and their payments properly handled. Joshua Crissinger, a Financial Specialist in the Enterprise Service Center’s (ESC) Permanent Change of Station (PCS)/Manual Travel Section (AMK-343) is dedicated to that function, and has become a leader and reputable source of technical expertise for processing travel payments, reclassifications, handling Centrally Billed Accounts (CBA) reconciliation/payment, and managing credit memos.

Joshua has developed strong connections with his team. Thanks to Joshua’s open communication style, employees are more engaged in the work and have better aligned themselves with the organization’s objectives and goals. The team has established a strong alliance of trust, and thanks to cross training efforts implemented by Joshua, the team now realizes that they are no longer tied to just one task, but are empowered to employ their skills wherever and whenever needed. The team now possesses a wide range of professional competencies and are fully equipped to accept a wide range of challenges to better fulfill the customers’ expectations. The team continues to exceed their metric for timely payments (95% within six business days) and they have achieved a flawless Centrally Billed Account Payment rating of 100% for 10 consecutive months, while processing 492 payments, totaling $13.2M.

One cohesive team – the ESC’s Permanent Change of Station (PCS)/Manual Travel Team (AMK-343)
(L-R) Traci Ryan, Tiffany Phan, Diane Champeau, Michael Ann Bradley, Teresa Machnicz, Josh Crissinger (holding award), Tony McCurdy, Jeff Karth, and Dana Holliday.
Joshua Crissinger holding his Pathfinder Award for the category of "Above and Beyond Customer Service." Pictured with Joshua are (L-R) Michelle Coppedge, Director of the Aeronautical Center, Scott Altman, NASA Astronaut, Kevin O’Connor, Deputy Director of the Aeronautical Center.

Joshua helped to standardize and develop a Global Reclassification Form and Guidance document, implementing the process across 24 government agencies. The detailed guidance provides explanations and examples on how to reclassify funds and provides a format for remedying tickets with a greater ease of operation. This new process is credited with saving over 250 hours of processing.

When it came to the credit memo process, Joshua used the data loader to process payments into the Delphi financial system. Last year, he was able to accurately process more than 10,000 line items, accounting for $500K owed to the federal government, while saving over 1,000 hours of work annually.

Over time, the PCS/Manual Travel team lost several employees in their organization and were not able to backfill their positions. It was Joshua’s initiative that helped to leverage the strengths of each team member, improving their ability to learn and perform varied tasks and improve efficiencies. Thanks to Joshua’s influence, the team can now operate at a reduced staff level but can complete all the required tasks in a more efficient manner.

"Having the opportunity to spend the last couple of years working alongside such an amazing team, has been an incredible blessing. The strategic vision and open mindedness of management to allow creativity to flourish, efficiency to take hold, and the empowerment of everyone on the team to contribute to the overall fulfillment of our mission, has been critical to our success as a team. This extraordinary team of individuals that I have the pleasure of working with day in and day out, have continuously impressed me with their expansive knowledge, ability to overcome adversity, and the flexibility to adapt to an ever changing environment. As H.E. Luccock once said, "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." This is the most cohesive team culture I have ever been a part of. This team truly "Rocks," Joshua happily explains.

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