Low speed delivery vehicle in front of the MMAC Mail & Distribution center.

Mail & Distribution

A Service of Media Solutions, AMK-223C

Receiving secure containers in the Mail & Distribution Center.

The Mail & Distribution team receives and delivers all mail, packages, and parcels entering and leaving the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center every weekday. Operational hours of Distribution Services are Monday-Friday, 7am-3:30pm CST. Anyone working at the Aeronautical Center can send items via the USPS. Currently the team handles 188 mail stops daily and can pick up and/or deliver mail to any building located on or in close proximity to the Aeronautical Center. Here are some convenient services available:

  • All incoming mail is x-rayed and screened for security purposes.
  • Mail & Distribution provides services to domestic and international locations.
  • Distribution is able to handle large volume mailings which may consist of thousands of addresses. More…
  • Distribution has warehousing capabilities so that your mailing material is safely stored until needed. More…
  • In cooperation with the FAA Academy, all Correspondence Study printed course materials are delivered directly to Academy personnel.
  • Mail & Distribution provides pickup and delivery service for documents to be destroyed. More…

To speak with someone about Distribution Services call (405) 954-3771.
USPS neighborhood delivery vehicle.

USPS mail service is offered through the Mail & Distribution team at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center. Members of the Mail & Distribution team can pick up, process, and postmark each piece of official government mail leaving the Center. Thanks to the National Mail Fund, when using USPS as a shipping method, postage costs (for letters, flat mailings, parcels, boxes, and packages) are never charged back to sender or their organization. Here are some more benefits to using the on-site USPS as your shipping vendor:

  • Whether you are dropping off USPS mail or we are picking it up, all types of official government USPS mail can be metered and postmarked by the Mail & Distribution team.
  • There are several USPS options for mailing official government documents. More…
  • There is one main post office box for the Center (P.O. Box 25082). However if your organization would prefer to set-up their own P.O. Box that service is also available. More…
  • Anyone can send USPS mail as long as it is for official government business. If you have personal mail to send, please use the Center’s USPS satellite office. More…
  • Other commercial shipping options are available. They include: FedEx, DHL and UPS.   More…
  • All FAA Academy students have the opportunity to mail their course materials and other official government documents back to their home or work location. More…
  • Recycling is part of our business. If you have toner cartridges that need to be recycled and have a ready-for-mailing box, simply leave the box with the package return label in your outgoing mail stop. We’ll take it from there.
  • Any mail which arrives at the Mail & Distribution Center after 3:30pm CST will be sent out the following day.

Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center      P.O. Box 25082      Oklahoma City, OK 73125

FedEx commercial delivery truck.

Another mailing option for Aeronautical Center associates is the use of FedEx shipping services. Packages can be picked up and/or delivered to any person or organization at the Center. If you’re a hands-on kind of person and prefer to do the labeling yourself, that’s great; we’ll assist you with making sure the package gets on the truck. If you would prefer someone else to do the legwork for you, no problem; we can prepare shipments to your specifications. Here are some tips to make your FedEx shipping process run more smoothly:

  • The sending, receiving, and distribution of all FedEx shipments are handled through the Mail & Distribution team’s centralized facility.
  • If you’re unsure as to what your package weighs and how it should be shipped, please contact the Mail & Distribution Team for guidance - (405) 954-3771. Such services are courtesy of the ESC Mailing Program.
  • Click here to submit the paperwork for shipping via FedEx.
  • If you would like to simplify your FedEx shipping, consider establishing a FedEx account for your department. Learn More…
  • Any outgoing FedEx package which arrives at the Mail & Distribution Center after 2:30pm CST will be sent out the following day. For emergency FedEx service after 2:30pm CST, please call 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339). More…

Frequently Asked Questions sign.

Q: What time does FedEx pick up from the Mail & Distribution location at Building 229?
A: FedEx pickups are collected daily at 2:30pm CST, Monday through Friday.

Q: Can I ship a FedEx package if it is after normal work hours or on a weekend?
A: The last pickup is at 2:30pm CST. After 2:30pm CST or on a weekend you can transport the FedEx package to any FedEx drop location. The nearest location is located at 6300 Air cargo Rd. OKC OK 73159 (near Will Rogers World Airport) where FedEx will receive Ground shipments up to 5:30pm and Express shipments up to 9:00pm CST daily. The outgoing FedEx package will have to be prepared for shipping complete with FedEx Airbill, Internet Shipping Tag or you can have you a FedEx account number that is suitable for shipping and the FedEx counter staff will assist you preparing the shipping data. Call 1-800-GO-Fed-Ex (1-800-463-3339) or visit www.fedex.com for more information and drop locations.

Q: Does Mail & Distribution offer FedEx supplies, boxes, packs and envelopes?
A: Yes, FedEx supplies can be sent to routing symbol locations for official business only. If you need FedEx supplies, call (405) 954-3771.

Q: Can anyone call or get special package pickups here on Center?
A: Yes, if your organization has its own FedEx number. If your organization does not have its own FedEx number, one can be obtained by visiting the FedEx website.

Q: Does my organization pay for USPS mail postage?
A: No, all USPS mail funds are paid from the National Mail Center Account. No USPS charges will ever be directed back to an organization for using official USPS mail.

Q:Can I mail out my own personal mail or buy stamps through Mail & Distribution?
A: Mail & Distribution collects all personal stamped mail (ready to be mailed) from the blue collections USPS mailboxes. Daily collections occur at the following Center locations: (Click here for Map)

  • Thomas P. Stafford Building (TPSB) first floor
  • Aviation Records Building (ARB) first floor and basement locations
  • Headquarters Building (HQ) first floor

A USPS Satellite Office is located in the basement of the Multi-Purpose Building (MPB) room 5A. This is where you can mail all personal items, buy mailing supplies, and purchase stamps. Click here for Map

Q: Can I send outgoing FedEx packages here on Center?
A: Yes, outgoing packages can be sent by FedEx but several scenarios and circumstances that apply. Please contact (405) 954-3771 for details.

Q: Can a vendor from outside the Center send something to MMAC using our MMAC/FAA account number?
A: Yes, but there are several scenarios and circumstances that apply. Please contact (405) 954-3771 for details.

Q: Can FedEx deliver directly to my office?
A: Yes, under special circumstances – when FedEx is accompanied by security. For more information call the Mail & Distribution Center at (405) 954-3771.

Q: What items CANNOT be delivered to individuals at the Aeronautical Center?
A: Non-official or personal mail WILL NOT BE DELIVERED by Mail & Distribution. FAA Order 1770.11C, Mail Management Standards and Procedures address these issues entirely.

Q: Can flowers be delivered to individuals at the Aeronautical Center?
A: Flower/plant/gift delivery service to the Aeronautical Center is strictly prohibited for security reasons. Currently, the Center is not responsible for any flower arrangements, gift baskets, or similar items sent to employees at the Center. We encourage that such items be sent to your home or other physical location, not this government facility. [FAA Physical Security Order 1600.69B]

Q: Do you pick up large packages?
A: Yes, Mail & Distribution will pick up larger than normal packages. For large packages pickup service call (405) 954-3771. USPS packages have a weight limit of 70 Lbs. Fed Ex and all other shipping vendors weight limit is 100 Lbs. If you have a package that is overweight, please call (405) 954-4970 AML Loading Dock.

Q: I missed the afternoon pickup. Can I call to schedule a pickup?
A: Yes, if you have missed your afternoon pickup, you can place a call to (405) 954-6891 before 2:30 PM. Any mail received after 2:30 PM will not be processed and shipped until the following business day.

Person printing address labels.

Mail & Distribution Services are physically located on the grounds of the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, Building 229. Click here for Map

Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center
Mail & Distribution Center, AMK-223C
P.O. Box 25082
Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Telephone and email information:
(405) 954-3771
Mail & Distribution main office
(405) 954-6891
Anthony Jackson, Distribution Specialist
(405) 954-3151
Media Solutions main office