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Travel Services Branch


ESC E2 Help Desk:
1 (866) 641-3500, option 7

The Travel Services Branch provides a variety of travel and relocation services. The Travel Services Branch is divided into 2 separate sections: 1) TDY Travel and Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Section; and 2) E-Travel Section.

The TDY Travel and PCS Section processes travel documents, performs reclassifications of accounting data, de-obligates unneeded obligations, performs CBA Reconciliations/Payments, and an array of other travel functions needed to support customers. The Team also provides cradle to grave relocation assistance.

The e-Travel Section provides e-Travel System Administration and interface services. E-Travel administration includes establishing new users, updating existing users, and updating routing of documents in the e-Travel System, as well as e-Travel System training. The team also performs Travel Voucher Audits based on select criteria.