Opening Doors to Opportunities
Vol.6 Issue 1
Michelle Coppedge, Director (left) and Kevin O’Connor, Deputy Director (upper left) are all smiles when shaking hands with employees during the recent AMC Open House.

Special thanks to all the employees you came to our AMC Open House on January 15th, as it was great to see you and catch up with what’s been going on in your lives and in your organizations. Thanks for making time to attend. On January 29th, the AMC Leadership Team was glad to be able to host a Town Hall meeting helping to ensure that all employees are aware of FAA Administrator Dickson’s Strategic Priorities and how our AMC Strategic Objectives – Cost Effectiveness, Collaboration, Communication, and Culture (otherwise known as the 4 C’s) support and align with the Administrator’s priorities.

During the first quarter of FY20 we are already seeing a lot of success and the 4 C’s are becoming engrained in our culture and how we do business on a daily basis. For example, the Office of Facility Management continues to implement energy and water conservation projects which has allowed us to realize a cost avoidance of $550K in utilities. The FAA Academy has ongoing collaborations with the AJI, AJW, and AJT organizations to establish a shared vision for delivering technical training to meet the future needs of our workforce. The Enterprise Services Center is continuously working to improve communications through regularly scheduled customer engagements. All AMC organizations are working intentionally to improve employee engagement with the implementation of Action Plans that have been developed through team discussions regarding the results of the Gallup Q12 Survey.

Based upon the most recent results received for the 2019 FedView Survey, these Action Plans have made a difference with AMC seeing a significant improvement in all six core survey categories – Leadership, Agency, Satisfaction, Supervisor/Team Leader, and Work Experiences, since initiating the Gallup Q12 Surveys. Even though we have success, we must continue to stay focused on the 4 C’s, which will enable the Aeronautical Center to lay the foundation of safety for tomorrow’s technologies. In FY20 we plan on holding several Tech Talks which will allow for the transfer of technology between organizations through two-way conversations while driving creativity and innovation across the Center. The FAA Academy, in collaboration with stakeholders are piloting a program called ’Quintiq’, a tool designed to help in scheduling all technical training. We are also focused on increasing our Science, Technology, Engineering (STEM), Aviation Space Education (AVSED) activities to ensure that the FAA, the Aeronautical Center, and the aerospace industry have a direct pipeline of talent to safely implement the next generation of aerospace technologies. Finally, we would like to wish Keith DeBerry, Director of the FAA Academy much happiness as he retires from the FAA with over 43 years of service. We are thankful for the leadership he has provided to the FAA Academy and the agency thoughout his years of service. Please welcome Jim Doskow who will be acting as Director of the FAA Academy until that role can be filled, as well as Wayne Coley who will be acting in the Academy’s Deputy Director position.


Michelle Coppedge
Director, Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center

Federal Aviation Aministration (FAA) seal