It Takes TWO… and Sometimes More
Vol.6 Issue 6

The Technical Women’s Organization (TWO) is one of several authorized FAA organizations in accordance with the Human Resource Policy Manual (HRPM) Work Life and Benefits (WLB) 12.6 Employee Associations that help to network, provide support and awareness for TWO members.

The TWO organization promotes the understanding of qualified individuals, with the goal of increasing qualified technical females in support of the FAA and the aviation industry. TWO members include males and females from entry level employees, managers, and many levels of leadership. Members are eager to help each other by fostering learning with mentoring, a biennial training conference with Continuing Education Units (CEUs), coaching, virtual and in-person speakers, resume reviews, and much more for membership dues of only .2% of your base pay. As an example, TWO is excited to announce the "Take Off with TWO — Leading Change in 2021," a Training Conference scheduled for next July with various training opportunities for all TWO members (FAA employees, interns and contractors) and sponsors.

Helen Davis

TWO’s recent elections resulted in some new leadership, including Helen Davis of the Enterprise Service Center’s (ESC’s) Enterprise Architecture team as TWO’s Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) Director for 2020-2021. Helen joins the list of several prestigious former regional directors and leadership of the organization. TWO has a rich 30+ year history that began with the dedicated efforts of now retired Cathy Hedglen from the Aeronautical Center (MMAC). Helen has been a member for over 10 years and has been in the technical field for over 35 years (in private and public industry). The MMAC and other regional TWO directors and points-of-contact have had the opportunity to interview or meet with various technical managers and leaders, aviation experts and other technical leaders, including authors of Leadership books.

These coordinated activities have provided leadership opportunities for TWO members. These efforts are all aimed at expanding opportunities and bolstering numbers of qualified women in technical careers throughout the FAA. TWO knows that all FAA employees have specific, technical proficiencies in order to understand the National Airspace System and how it operates; not to mention how their unique skills contribute to the FAA’s mission.

If you are interested in joining the technical women’s organization to expand your potential as a current or future leader, or if you’re a member who desires to network or expand your knowledge, feel free to reach out to Helen Davis or (405)954-6060 or check out the TWO website. We look forward to meeting and thriving with you!

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