FAA Academy and Oklahoma State University Students Pave the Way for Text Analytics
Vol.6 Issue 5

Despite the current pandemic, the FAA Academy has pushed forward to continue its partnership with Oklahoma State University (OSU), paving the way for text analytics in the Academy. Holly Thompson, FAA Academy Business Analytics Officer, and her team led the project by providing the necessary data for analysis while attending bi-weekly feedback meetings. The FAA Academy FY19-22 Business Plan includes text analytics as one of its strategic activities. On average, the Academy receives and reviews approximately 3,600 comments each month. Additionally, the current process allows 30-days for course managers/coordinators to complete their review. As part of the Academy’s Business Analytics program, this collaboration allows the Academy to dramatically improve response time while continually improving their quality management processes.

OSU students demonstrate ’Course Effectiveness’ as a Business Problem.

OSU students demonstrate ’Course Effectiveness’ as a Business Problem.
"Over the past year, working with FAA has played a significant role in the development of my abilities to solve real-world issues using data analytics. This project has helped me improve both my technical and interpersonal skills. The knowledge and experiences I gained have proven to be very valuable in the pursuit of my future career aspirations. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the FAA team and would like to thank them for their continuous encouragement and support throughout this project." – Vinil Rayala

During this year-long Master’s Level Capstone project, FAA Academy team members worked with OSU students to apply data science and machine learning techniques to the comments collected in the Academy Evaluation System. The outcome of this project provided valuable insights that were gleaned by the Academy for areas of opportunity. The collaboration also afforded the OSU student teams valuable real-world experience in pursuit of their degrees.

"It was a privilege to work with the FAA to help improve the courses that they offer at the FAA Training Academy. Overall this was an excellent opportunity for us as students to apply our theoretical learnings to a practical and real-time problem. As Data Scientists, our mission is always to find insights from the data, and this project was a perfect example of how data can be leveraged to improve and solve the business goal." - Nikhil Viswanath

The intent is to use the themes and trends identified through the student’s hard work as input into the Academy’s overall Strategic Training Organizational Risk Management System (STORMS). Utilizing this valuable feedback in a method that was never employed before will help improve the instructor workforce, the learning environment for students, communication feedback to strategic partners responsible for curriculum, and will help improve Technical Training Programs.

OSU Students Deliver their Final Presentation via GoToMeeting on April 29, 2020

Students from OSU present a text analysis flow chart as part of their Capstone project.

Oklahoma State University students develop analytics for a Facility Instructor Training Course.

OSU students engage in topics related to Radar Concepts and Fundamentals to help improve the training process.

Capstone Students from OSU demonstrate a Word Cloud Exercise for the Radar Concepts and Fundamentals course, as a way of incorporating business analytics.
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