FAA Academy Employee Receives Recognition for Outstanding Work
Vol.6 Issue 5
Dallas Schrems, a Management and Program Analyst in the FAA Academy (AMA-001).

Just recently, Michelle Coppedge, Director of the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center and Kevin O’Connor, Deputy Director received notification from Rick Cornelio, Director of the Office of Acquisition for Customs and Border Protection (CBP), extending appreciation to Dallas Schrems for her exceptional work in developing the Cost-Wise Readiness (CWR) Guidebook for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Ms. Schrems is a Management and Program Analyst in the FAA Academy.

Coppedge explains, "The Aeronautical Center strives to maintain outstanding customer collaboration with a strong emphasis on driving cost effectiveness and cost reduction. One of the highest rewards we can receive is when someone acknowledges and appreciates an employee for the work they perform."

Ms. Shrems’ work precedes her as she is known for being highly organized in developing processes, procedures and training, and is pleasant to work with. For approximately 4 months, Ms. Schrems worked with the Customs and Border Protection experts, gathering, interpreting and organizing concepts to compile a comprehensive document. Schrems adds, "The CBP stakeholders that worked with me were extremely knowledgeable and committed to getting the job done, and getting it done right."

The goal was for the Guidebook to be distributed the same day as when the Directive came out, so that employees would have the tools needed to meet the necessary requirements. Compiling the one-hundred and fifty-one page document in a short period of time was no easy task. It was also a topic tailored to logisticians, program managers, and supply managers – a subject not completely familiar to Dallas, but she embraced the challenge. Robert Bergt, Dallas’ supervisor, was instrumental in providing her with the time and resources she needed to get the work accomplished. He attended all the meetings with her and served as an extra pair of eyes and ears for reviewing the document. He even contributed by developing the glossary for the document.

"She displayed outstanding professionalism when working with each of the representatives from our U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) components," states Mark Borkowski, Assistant Commissioner of the CBP’s Office of Acquisition.

Even after the document was completed, Ms. Schrems continued to work with the team through final review, analysis and comment resolution. To date, the document has been well-received by many members within the CBP. The Guidebook serves as the primary support document to the Cost-Wise Readiness Directive across the Customs and Border Protection agency.

Jim Doskow, Director of the FAA Academy asserts, "I am very proud of how Dallas represents the FAA Academy in all of her interactions with our partners in the Customs and Border Protection Office. Her efforts in support of the CBP’s policy roll-out of the Cost-Wise Readiness Guidebook was exceptional."

Congratulations, Dallas, for your outstanding work and for making the Aeronautical Center proud!

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