Aeronautical Center Employees Exceed Campaign Goals
Vol.6 Issue 1
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This year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center was a success, with numbers exceeding the Center goal of $215,000. To date, the amount raised at the Aeronautical Center is $220,000.00 (as last minute paper pledges are still being counted) and employee participation increased over last year by approximately 65%.

This year’s CFC campaign was a challenge, as the team had to overcome the recent changes to how the campaign could be executed and there were changes in what activities could take place on the Center. An eager and excited team was ready to accept that challenge and set out on a mission to change employee views of the CFC Campaign and raise funds for great causes. The campaign ran from October 2, 2019 to December 13, 2019 and kicked off with a keynote speaker from the American Cancer Society. A Charity Fair was also set up outside in the pavilion area with several food trucks.

In an effort to increase charity visibility, CFC Chair Debbie O’Hagan worked with Lee Woods, Director of the Aramark Food Service for space to increase the number of participating charities on the Center during the specified "Cause Weeks." Every Tuesday during the campaign, various charities would set up in the Blue Sky Cafeteria and in Einstein’s Bagels.

"I wanted to create a mini-fair atmosphere every Tuesday to bring more attention and visibility to our charities. I also personally stayed in the cafeteria areas every Tuesday during the charity visits to not only learn about what they had to offer, but to also help direct traffic to the tables and increase awareness of CFC. Lee was so willing to help with the effort and he really cared about the various Causes. One Tuesday we had therapy dogs, therapy rabbits, and a therapy pony in the Blue Sky breezeway all at the same time! It was so much fun!," explains O’Hagan.

Debbie is credited with coming up with the idea for "Cause Week To Go." This concept involved CFC Keyworkers and Coordinators going to the cafeteria areas each Tuesday, visiting with the charities and taking various charity and campaign information back to their offices to set up in their general areas, for those employees that could not get to the mini fair activities.

This year the Aeronautical Center CFC Campaign was given allowances to increase CFC activities as long as the activities stayed within legal and ethical guidelines. Activities such as silent auctions, donut and coffee speaking engagements, pancake breakfasts, a paper airplane contest, a soup kitchen, chili cook offs, and a popcorn roadshow took place with success. "I am confident that we can build on this year’s success and make next year even more successful and fun, with more events and more participation. The fact the participation almost doubled this year is really encouraging and exciting," explains O’Hagan.

Thanks to every employee who helped in making a difference by giving to the 2019 Combined Federal Campaign.

Michelle Fair from the American Cancer Society was the Keynote speaker.
Beautiful Dream Society booth at Blue Sky Cafe.
AJG Chili Cookoff.
AJW Employees enjoyed the CFC Popcorn Roadshow.
Billy Long, AJG-R Manager bags some popcorn.
Popcorn Roadshow with AJV employees.
Volunteers from AHF-C400, ready for work at the Regional Food Bank.
Regional Food Bank hairnet attire.

Reserved Parking sign for CFC.
Federal Aviation Aministration (FAA) seal