MMAC Comes Through for Military Children This Christmas
Vol.6 Issue 1
Toys for Tots logo.

The Enterprise Services Center (ESC) along with the giving hearts from members of the Quality Systems and Business Resources Staff (AMC-3) and Human Resources Offices (AHF-C400) were collectively able to provide over 800 toys to hundreds of children of military families in need. Cynde Starnes, an ESC employee who coordinated this event states, "It was such a joy for ESC to partner with AMC-3 and AHF on this project!"

Toys for Tots Collection day at MMAC.

The young men that came out on Friday prior to the December 17th toy delivery date, were beyond appreciative and thankful for all the help and support that the Aeronautical Center employees provided to the 2019 Toys for Tots Drive. In talking with the local Toys for Tots Coordinating Officer, (SSgt. Borjas) he shared that this was his first year to lead the program, and he will be leading the program again next year.

In 2018, there were 4,200 families that requested assistance from the Toys for Tots Drive. This year that number has increased to 5,700 families, all of which are located here in Oklahoma. SSgt. Borjas said, "The hardest part about this drive is watching the number of toys in the warehouse decrease and knowing full well that there are more families still needing assistance."

Through the generosity of federal employees this past holiday season, we will know in our hearts that Santa came through like the champion that he is and there are many children that will still have the magical belief in the fact that there still is a "Santa Claus."

Special thanks to all of "Santa’s Elves" from ESC for setting out boxes and coordinating collections across the Aeronautical Center organizations.

Carol Mullins, AMK-210
Theresa Hopson, AMK-212B
Lori Gourley, AMK-221A
Brenda Baumgartner, AMK-300
DeeDee Cook, AMK-326
Shurone Richmond, AMK-312
Pat Whitfield, AMK-20
Sherri Burchett, AMK-10
Cynde Starnes, AMK-20

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