Financial Services

Financial Services provides cost-effective ways to integrate and manage accounting needs, from transaction processing to financial statements, to reporting and analysis. Financial Services helps with regulatory compliance, achieving clean audits and keeping projects on-time.

Information & Digital Services

Information & Digital Services (I&DS) provides a wide array of platforms to manage information. I&DS offers support in numerous areas: Applications Services, Customer Support Services (Service Desk), Managed Digital Services, Cybersecurity Services, Media Solutions, Office Automation Support, Project Management Office, National Wireless Program, and Network/Telecommunication Services.

Who We Are

The Enterprise Services Center is a designated shared service provider committed to helping customers receive quality products and services in an effort to accomplish their mission objectives. Regardless of the size of an organization or agency, benefits are gained by taking advantage of volume pricing discounts from vendors based on the size of ESC's inventory.

What We Offer

The Enterprise Services Center (ESC) provides vital services to help keep federal agencies operational. As a designated shared service provider, the ESC is able to keep costs competitive due to an economy of scale approach. ESC offers an array of government information & digital services and financial management to a wide range of federal agencies.